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Doñana National Park is known internationally for its environmental richness. Birdwatchers will find here a truly ornithological paradise. This Park has several areas with different protection status, including a Biosphere Reserve. Overall, Doñana has 200.000 hectares of protected areas in three provinces; Huelva, Sevilla and Cádiz.

Doñana National Park is between two continents, Africa and Europe. In this way, Doñana becomes a very important place for migratory birds, with hundreds of species and thousands of specimens.

To this should be added that Doñana has many different ecosystems and amazing landscapes. Dunes, beaches, cliffs, lagoons, marshes, forests,… This natural richness is very important for the biodiversity of Doñana where we can find lynx, otter, deer, fallow deer, wild boar, etc….and a lot of very interesting plant species.

We should also mention the village of “El Rocio” with its peculiar history, its characteristic sandy streets and buildings and its world famous pilgrimage.

For sure, you’ll want to go back to Doñana!

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Price: 83 €/pax. 6 pax min.
Interests: landscape, geology, fauna, flora.
Recommended season: spring, autumn and winter
Exclusive service: 498€
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Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park and Cetaceans

The amazing “El Estrecho” Natural Park (Strait of Gibraltar) was created in 2003, it has 19.000 hectareas with land and sea areas from “Punta Getares” to “Cabo de Gracia”.

“El Estrecho” Natural Park belongs to the Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve of the Mediterranean. This Reserve includes several important natural aeras of Spain and Morocco; Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, Alcornocales Natural Park, Talassemtane Natural Park, etc.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a paradise for birding. The migration between Africa and Europe is an amazing show. A lot of birds cross the sea to arrive to the coast. It´s an incredible moment. If you love birds, you will love this place.

In the same way, The Strait of Gibraltar is an important passage for cetaceans. We will enjoy watching whales, dolphins and killer whales from a boat. It will become an unforgettable memories of your travel.

There are also amazing landscapes in “El Estrecho” Natural Park. From the spanish coast you will be able to see Africa, our neighbour continent, this is definitely an incredible view.

Come with us and discover “El Estrecho” Natural Park. Birds, cetaceans, geology, history, landscapes…. We can’t wait to show you the most beautiful places.

Price: 130 €/pax. 6 pax min.
Interests: cetaceans, birding, landscapes, flora, fauna.
Recommended season: spring, autumn and winter
Exclusive service: 780€
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Canillas Wetlands – Lantejuela

In this route we will discover the importance of Canillas Wetland and The Lantejuela, the avifauna. This route is very interesting for birdwatchers, photographers or nature lovers.

We could see a lot of species; Purple gallinule, Grey Heron, Common Kingfisher, Grebe, Flamingos, White headed-duck, Black-necked Grebe, Northern Shoveler, Mallard,….besides waterfowl, passeriformes, owls, steppe birds, etc…
Don´t forget your binoculars!


Price: 37 €/pax.
Meeting point: Morón de la Fra.
Transport: by Green Tour Al-Andalus´ cars.
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